Sultan-Ul-Uloom High School – Syed Ali Chabutra was instituted in the year 2000, with an objective to provide quality education to the students of old city and make schooling an all enjoyable experience for children. Twenty years now, we still have our roots firmly grounded and are spreading wings, implementing novel ideas while reaffirming the old values.

The school imparts quality education through valued learning that helps manifest the latent potential and talent of each child. Our endeavor is to create lifelong learners, global citizens and inspirational leaders of tomorrow who are not just innovative but also have strong sense of values

By quality education, we mean holistic education taking into account the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and moral development of children. We ensure that the outcome of learning is meaningful and effective. In addition to our efforts to impart the best education, we also provide equal importance to extracurricular activities. Every year we set ourselves a focus area and all our activities are aligned to this focus area only. We strive to make the very process of learning not only purposeful but also a blissful experience.